Once upon a time, Hunter S. Thompson walked into a bar in Kent ...

HUNTER-Study in Gamboge Hatjpg.jpg

Years after they first met in Louisville for the 1970 Kentucky Derby, the Welsh artist Ralph Steadman invited Hunter S. Thompson to his home in Kent, in southern England. He introduced Thompson to the artist's local publican, who poured measured out Thompson a scotch.

As the story in the audio clip above reveals, the prevailing custom when it came to portions were not Thompson's liking. An intervention was required, but Steadman reports Thompson and the barkeep became good friends. "He even offered me his daughter," Thompson later told him. 

For more on the friendship between Steadman and Thompson and for a longer clip of the interview I conducted for Beacon last fall, go here. There is also a story up about Louisville's weeklong Gonzofest here.  

Editor's note: This post was corrected to note that Steadman was living in Kent, not Wales, at the time of the visit.